A chilled out filming day

Tonight’s ITV Wales’ Coast & Country, features an item I produced on something known as “mindfulness”.

It’s a meditation technique that’s been hitting the headlines recently for its celebrity status and the strength of its academic research.

It’s said to help by focusing your mind on the present, rather than tonight’s plans, your to do list or what to have for dinner! And is often combined with a walk conducted in silence – leaving gaps between you and the person in front of you – so you’re not tempted to chat!

But, I tell you what, it’s not the easiest thing to film! A silent walk…! With long gaps in between people!

Luckily our interviewee, Sholto Radford from Wilderness Minds, helped to put it into context, “One of the first things that people begin to notice when they first practise mindfulness is how often our minds are actually elsewhere…I think meditation in its essence is quite simple, it’s about training the mind to be more aware”.

Presenter Carl Edwards (@carledwardsitv) was great at vocalising his feelings during the walk to enable us to paint a better picture in the viewer’s mind, “I kept drifting and started thinking about other things, like is the gap between me and you too small, is it too big, is the person behind me wanting me to go faster. But then in the moments where I wasn’t thinking about things like that, I was noticing much more than I normally would walking”. 

Coast & Country with the Newborough Nordics walking group
Us with Sholto and the Newborough Nordics
I was helped along the way as well by local walking group, the Newborough Nordics and members of the Anglesey Federation of Women’s Institutes. I find it always works best to include some other newbies in a piece like this to get their view point on a new trend.
If you missed the show, you can catch up here later tonight.

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