Directing Dairy and Drones

Tonight’s Wales this Week looks at the struggles facing dairy farmers and the plummeting prices they’re experiencing for their milk.
A milking parlour on a dairy farm
Milking Parlour
It’s the first time I have ever produced and directed an entire half hour programme, which was an exciting challenge and a chance to develop my script writing skills.
The programme features many voices from the National Farmers Union in Wales, to a local Cardiff milkman, industry analysts – DairyCo and a Welshpool farmer who is in the process of growing his business into a 1,000 cow dairy farm in order to become as efficient as possible.
Fraser Jones was a particularly good speaker – passionate about the industry, forward looking and confident that the future will be bright.
His story also gave me a chance to use the hottest, most talked about piece of filming equipment so far – a drone. Manned by ITV Wales cameraman, Mark Doleman it gave us some gorgeous shots showing a bird’s eye view of the land that will be developed.
A drone view of Fraser's farm
Drone camera over Fraser’s farm near Welshpool
I think there is a danger that drones could be over-used in TV. People are very excited about them but I believe you have to base your decision to use one on editorial and journalistic reasons, not just because it will give you pretty shots! In this instance I felt it was justified because we were talking a large scale farming development that couldn’t be viewed properly from the ground.
See what you think. Have a watch tonight, 8pm, ITV Wales or catch up afterwards here.

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