TV Credits

A creative director, skilled at producing engaging and intelligent films for TV. Used to dealing with complex logistics, I have a lot of experience of setting up shoots for busy weekly shows, and taking films from research to final edit within tight deadlines.  I’m confident at directing presenters, crews and managing teams and have a wide filming background from canal barges and ribs to tall ships and steam engines, police raids to doorsteps and consumer to rural affairs.

I graduated from the Cardiff School of Journalism in 2009 and since then have worked my way up from Researcher to Producer. I was also chosen to complete the BBC Wales’ pilot professional development scheme, Creative Potential.

My credits so far: BBC One ‘Crimewatch Roadshow’ (Shooting Director and Live AP), ITV1 Wales ‘Wales This Week’ (Producer/ Director), ITV1 Wales ‘Coast & Country’ (Directing AP), BBC One Wales ‘X-Ray’ (Self Shooting Director), BBC One ‘The One Show’ (Development Producer).

I am well experienced with using the following technical equipment: PMW 500 and 200, Canon 305, DSR 250, Go Pro cameras, Drones (directing), sound recording and Avid editing.

Full CV:

The One Show, BBC One (Summers 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015)

Development Producer 

Developing consumer, food and history ideas for The One Show’s annual commissioning round for BBC One Wales. Originating ideas from scratch for strands and single films. Writing pitch documents, working up treatment ideas, finding and approaching contacts, discussing ideas with key talent’s agents and sourcing case studies. Proven success with many ideas being produced and broadcast on the programme.

BBC One, Crimewatch Roadshow (April – June 2015) 

Shooting Director (and live OB AP) 

In 2015, Crimewatch Roadshow started with its highest ever viewing figures for a launch programme. I was responsible for producing eight films over seven weeks which would become VT inserts within the first three live daytime shows. Working with one researcher and a programme producer, we sourced and researched eight ongoing crime appeals or police proactives to turn into short form films. I was solely responsible for scripting, shooting, sound recording and edit producing each of these films in an incredibly short and highly pressurised timescale. I was then asked to spend the final eighth week on the live OB broadcast, responsible for the editorial output and accuracy of any OB content.

BBC One Wales, X-Ray (December 2010 – March 2014, Feb – March and September 2015)

Shooting Director and Directing AP

X-Ray is the leading consumer affairs and investigative journalism programme for Wales. The principle challenge of the job was turning relatively complicated and picture light stories into creative and engaging films; all completed within tight deadlines and under pressure. I was often dealing with several editorially complex and sensitive films at once, many with legally delicate backgrounds and emotional contributors.

Key experience:

  • Self-shooting, lighting and sound recording.
  • Secret filming, undercover research, filming doorsteps, recons and police raids.
  • In 2012 I gained a place on the BBC Wales’ Creative Production pilot scheme. This gave me access to a wide range of guest speakers, training courses and contacts.

ITV Wales, Wales this Week (November – December 2014) 

Producer/ Director 

Wales this Week is an investigative journalism programme that demands extensive research skills and excellent editorial awareness. I was responsible for producing and directing the whole half hour show. This challenged my script writing skills, which until now had been confined to shorter, self contained items. I rough cut the programme on Avid and then worked with a craft editor to produce it to broadcast standards.

ITV Wales, Coast & Country (March – Nov 2014, Jan – Feb 2015)

Directing AP

Coast & Country is a rural affairs and wildlife programme. Classed as a ‘current affairs’, I originated, researched, scripted and directed topical items on the Welsh countryside. Each item had to be taken through the edit from my own rough cut to working with a craft editor. The programme is produced by a very small team and my responsibilities therefore ranged from writing risk assessments and call sheets, location finding, archive searches, music reporting and updating Twitter to, on occasions, compiling the programme.

Key experience:

  • Coverage of The Royal Welsh Show 2014. Directing crews at Wales’ leading agricultural show in order to produce two special half hour programmes for broadcast that week.
  • Filming in many challenging outdoor locations including farms, nature reserves, sites of special scientific interest, historical houses, ribs, canal barges, steam locomotives and a replica 18th century tall ship.
  • Experience with trap cameras and Go Pros; and directing drone camera operators.

Newbury Sound (September 2009 – December 2010) 

News Editor                

Employed two weeks prior to the launch of this commercial radio station in West Berkshire as News Editor, just three months after graduating from journalism school. It was an incredibly challenging and exciting role and a fantastic learning curve that led to me producing a trusted and admired local news service.

ITV Wales (Summer 2009) 

Newsroom Journalist                                                                  

Selecting stories for news bulletins, constructing running orders and writing scripts. Editing pictures and sound on Avid for bulletins and packages. Acting as Producer in the gallery for early morning and lunchtime bulletins.

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