“Helen is a hard working, creative and organised individual. She has produced a wide variety of items, many in difficult locations, all delivered on time and to a high standard. Helen also has a very collaborative approach at every stage of production from scripting to editing, which makes working with her an enjoyable experience.”

Ifan Tomos, Series Producer, Coast & Country 

“I worked with Helen for a number of years on BBC Wales X-Ray. She’s a strong journalist, a creative director who knows what she wants and  manages a team well. She was excellent at giving feedback and drawing out what she needed from me as her presenter. She’d be a valuable addition to any programme – plus she’s great fun to work with too!”

Lucy Owen, Presenter, BBC Wales 

“Helen has a passion for people and pictures and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on ITV’s Coast and Country. Often filming in challenging environments (and weather!), Helen had the knack of keeping things on schedule and keeping the crew’s spirits high!  She has fantastic ‘people skills’. Helen is excellent at building a rapport with interviewees and helped me as the presenter warm them up so we got the best out of them when recording.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Carl Edwards, Presenter, ITV Wales

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Helen over the past year, on ITV’s Coast and County programme. She has a great deal of energy and is clearly passionate about her role and the end product. It’s refreshing to work with a Producer/Director who has her own ideas and knows exactly what she wants, but also listens to advice, and includes all members of the crew in her decision making. Helen is great to be around, and her creativity and enthusiasm for the job makes her a joy to work with”.

Mark Doleman, ITV Cameraman

“I have worked with Helen over the last three years and find her to be a very organised producer who knows what she wants, but always includes the crew in her decision making and listens to advice. She is a particularly creative director and I find her a very exciting person to work with because of this”.

Paul Hawkins, Freelance Cameraman

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